Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SBPJ], Uganda

Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SBPJ]

The maiden and the second edition of Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SBPJ] has been published in  below. Please send your papers for peer review and publication. The impact your papers will have on the medical and science community matters most. It is one thing to make your paper available online and it is another thing to make it available to the right audience.

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Original Articles : Human Disease: SBPJ; Vol 1, No1

Ihongbe JC, Moazzam ML, Pazos V and Agwu E                                   
Non-target oral bacterial resistance to Cotrimoxazole in   HIV/AIDS patients living in South Western Uganda
(SBPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0001 – 0004;    Abstract  ,   Full text  ,   PDF