Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SBPJ]; ISSN = 2413-600X


All papers published in any of our journals are referenced/ listed in the databases of over 200 globally popular search engines.

Some are listed here for your information

Google,   Yahoo,    DUCKDUCKGO,       WALHELO,        WHATUSEEK,               BING,      GNIBO, INFO TIGER,    DMOZ,    Abrexa UK,      AngelServe Internet,    AOL,      AOL Australia,       AOL Canada,      AOL Search,     AOL UK, Ask.com ,         ATT Worldnet ,   Babieca Search Engine , BitPile,    Bysurf.com,   Delphi, Bysurf.com,         DogPile.com,   Euroseek, Findinfo, FindSpot,         Goo.ne.jp,    Google Australia,   Google Canada,    Google France,            Google Germany,   Google Italy,    Google Japan,   HotBot ,ICQ.com,  InternetPortals, Iwon, Lycos, Mccammond, MetaCrawler.com, MNPage.com, MNPage.com, My Way, Netscape, Reference.com,    SearchBug.com,     StartingPoint, Zen Search, Search.com, Seekon, Virgillio, Alltheweb, AltaVista, Yahoo! Canada, Yahoo! France, Yahoo! Germany, Yahoo! Irelend, Yahoo! Japan, Yahoo! Spain, Yahoo! UK, Yahoo! US, 1001 Searches, Aatrax, Adi Gaskell, All Meta, A-Z Index, A-Z Index, Alexa, All Search Engines, Anancii, Angle Shopper, Armenia Search, Bali Vision, Beebware Web Directory, Berka, Bomis.com, Anysearchinfo, AskComet, Bangkok.com, Beebz.net, BigTome.com Search Engine, Bomis.com, British News Media, Cool4Kids.com, Education America, Eksplora.com, Fat Duck ,FrannySoft Web Directory, GoMyTown.com, HootingOwl, IncyWincy, Kanitamil.com, L5S1.com, LookGood.com Search Engine, Mediterranean Sea Direcory, MusicMoz, Netsurfer, Pandia Plus, Quijote, Searchuno, British New Media’s Directory, Categoryweb, Dynamic Directory, Ehcid.com, EVacaville, First Productions, GeoBoz, Grandma’s Pantry, iBoogie, Instant Directory, Kazam, Latzikatz, Mars Open Directory, MetaSpinner, NetFinder USA, Omnicient, Plantet Celtica, Searchalot, Slider.com, Surf Potato, SmallShop, Surf Potato, Surf-site, TopXML Directory, Tradex, Twirly, WebGuest, Talking  Africa, TotalSeek, Tutorial USA, WaggyDog, Wilkshire.net


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