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SPADS Meetings


The 2017 Special Pathogens and Associated Disease Scientific (SPADS) conference schedule:


Venue:        Mothers Union Conference Center, Opposite Bushenyi Magistrate Court Bushenyi Uganda 

Date:          27th to 29th April 2017

Theme:      Prevention and Control of tropical disease epidemics in resource limited settings


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  1. Innovations in global disease control strategies

  2. Impacts of non-communicable disease in global disease epidemics

  3. Innovations in point of care diagnostics and disease epidemics

  4. Molecular Epidemiology of Neglected/Poly-microbial diseases

  5. Management of disease epidemic in resource limited setting

  6. Hospital and community acquired infections

  7. Updates in rolling back Tropical disease  epidemic

  8. Global Research trends in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

  9. Microbial Pathogenesis and Virulence

  10. Immunology of Infections

  11. Molecular Mechanism of Resistance

  12. Antimicrobial Stewardship/Resistance/production/quality control

  13. Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control Measures and Cure

  14. Vaccines/ Vaccination / Infectious Diseases Vaccines

  15. Genital/Urinary Tract Infections

  16. Surgical Site Infections/Soft Tissue infections and ulcers

  17. Blood Stream Infections/Sepsis

  18. Updates in new Viral infections (e.g. Ebola and Zika)

  19. Tuberculosis/HIV/Hepatitis/Malaria Disease

  20. Microbial Forensics and Molecular Basis of Bacteria disease

  21. Animal Infectious Diseases/ Zoonosis

  22. Plant Disease Modelling and Parameter Estimation

  23. Advances in Diagnosis/Treatment of Infectious Diseases

  24. Pediatric/Childhood Infectious Diseases

  25. Miscellaneous infections disease


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SPADS Conf 2017