Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SBPJ]; ISSN = 2413-600X

Past articles

SBPJ Vol 1, No 1


Alkali B, Ismaila AB, Muhindo J.

Revalidation of antibacterial and aphrodisiac activities of Fodogia agrestis in Kano state, Nigeria. Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal Vol1, No 1,pgs 0023-0026.  [Abstract]                [Full text]                      [PDF]


Ikheloa J, Inyang NJ, Adelekun A. Agwu E,

Molecular analysis of methicillin resistance and beta-lactamase production by clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus in Ekpoma, Edo State Nigeria. Special Bacterials Pathogens Journal (SBPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0016-0022 .         Abstract ,            Full text,             PDF


Maniga N J, Mogaka G, Nyambane L and Eilu E                                      

Prevalence and susceptibility pattern of bacterial Urinary Tract Infections among pregnant HIV positive women in Gucha sub county, Kenya (SBPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0010 – 0015    Abstract  ,          Full text  ,           PDF


Odoki M, Bazira J, Moazam ML and Agwu E                               

Health-point survey of bacteria urinary tract infections among suspected diabetic patients attending clinics in Bushenyi district of Uganda (SBPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0005 – 0009 .    Abstract  ,          Full text  ,                 PDF


Ihongbe JC, Moazzam ML, Pazos V and Agwu E                                   

Non-target oral bacterial resistance to Cotrimoxazole in   HIV/AIDS patients living in South Western Uganda (SBPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0001 – 0004;         Abstract  ,                     Full text  ,                        PDF             



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