The Special Parasites Pathogens Journal (SPPJ) is one of the five journals approved by the Supreme Research Council (SRC) of the Special Pathogens Research Network limited, to serve as the official journal for all data about Special Parasites Pathogens and associated disease in human, animal or plant origin. These Parasites are called special bacterial pathogens because:

  1. They are involved in severe but preventable diseases in man, animal and plants especially in resource limited settings
  2. Their etiology, diagnosis, management, prevention and control are poorly understood and effective intervention hardly reported
  3. Host-microbial interaction, disease burden, carriers, ecology and biology of the microbial etiology poorly understood
  4. Lack of updated surveillance, epidemiological, social, demographic and geographic data about the impact of the special pathogens associated with tropical diseases on the severity and escalation of associated diseases in human, animals and plants
  5. They are common underlying disease misdiagnosed and mistreated due to poor facilities in developing countries
  6. They may be taken as neglected and/or emerging/re-emerging depending on the extent of their involvement in causing preventable death and poverty.
  7. If authors can show that any parasite have used extraordinary or unusual means to cause disease in plant, animal or humans, then the SRC may consider listing such organism  as special pathogens and it will be within our scope
  8. Any parasite involved in causing unusual sickness to individuals becomes special pathogens

Manuscripts are received always and the peer review process starts afterwards. You are therefore invited to submit your manuscripts for review and publication  as soon as the data are ready.  Please see submit your article page for more information on article submission or you may wish to send a mail to


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