You are welcome to advertise your products on our website.

Advantages of advertising in our website

  1. Become instantly visible in over 200 mainstream search engines globally
  2. Be seen by about one million visitors of our five journals and our parent website at
  3. Be instantly known as the original supplier of your products because of our association with you
  4. Be seen and contacted directly by end users without the possibility of facing the middle man
  5. Your products will be included in our workshops and medical camps
  6. You may be recommended by corporate institutions and governments in Africa because of our grass root support in African healthcare, Agricultural and veterinary sectors

We specifically want to invite Pharmaceutical companies who wants to sell antibiotics to the end users in Africa, diagnostic companies making diagnostic kits, manufacturers of medical devices for laboratories, hospitals, secondary and university laboratories, consumable  for diagnosis of tropical diseases including HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Neglected tropical disease, cancer, diabetes, sickle cell disease, sexually transmitted disease , new point of care diagnostics, in Human, animal and plant anthologies.

Others invited include but not limited to companies, Universities and other higher institutions, Colleges/schools, donor agencies/organizations, industries, Banks and other financial institutions, Research institutions, Hospitals, Laboratories,  Other manufacturers, Faith based organizations, Media houses, Social networks, and the list is endless.

Eligibility: Any legal entity in any country which whats to be partners in the academics, health and research efforts in Africa and other developing country settings.

unofficial inquiries: Contact us at and copy and call +256703129679 and +256782101486